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The Bolognese is a Rare Italian Breed of Nobility Past.
Bolognese are intelligent, loyal and perceptive little individuals who desire to be an intricate part of your life; always looking up into your eyes and communicating with you. They frolic joyfully, love to cuddle, and are highly interactive with their humans.

Although extremely rare, the Bolognese Breed is rapidly gaining popularity among those toy dog fanciers who, in the past, have selected from breeds such as the “Yorkie”, Havanese , Coton de Tulear and Bichon Frise. The Bolognese is disarmingly gentle and intuitive, and Bolos experience exceptionally good health compared to many toy breeds, this makes them an excellent choice for a small companion lap dog  [Read More...]

Renaissance is proud to offer the exquisite Italian Bolognese to North America. For ten years, I have carefully selected and imported breeding stock from World Champion bloodlines, with good health, and delightful temperaments.

Each Renaissance Bolognese puppy is home nurtured and is the center of my attention until it leaves my home for yours. All Bolognese that are used in my breeding program are health tested annually for strength and soundness.

Many of my Bolognese sires and dams  are double registered with both the  FCI registry, and the Bichon Bolognese Association of America  [Read More...]

We'd love to hear from you, answer any questions you may have, or simply take the time to chat with you about our wonderful Bolognese dogs!

Renaissance Bolognese
Marsha England
Cedaredge, Colorado
Phone: 970-856-3085

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