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If you are looking for distinctive qualities in a companion, Contact Me to reserve a beautiful Bolognese puppy from a future litter. Reservations are recommended.

Nearly everyone loves a Bolognese puppy on some level. Most of us cannot wait to scoop them up and press our faces into the soft sweetness of the baby fur. A Bolo Baby’s coat is exquisitely silky and soft. Add a bit of talc free baby powder and you have the ultimate cuddly sensation.

My Bolognese pups get lots of one-on-one cuddles.  They are raised in my house, and included in my daily routine.  My grandchildren live next door to me, and so the puppies are well socialized by the children. Neighbors and friends are always welcome to visit by appointment.

When play time comes ... get ready for action. Bolos love balls; tug of war (gently); racing in circles; and jumping and dancing on their hind legs.  Many of their movements seem almost "catlike". Oh, and not to forget the favorite water sport, "water dish splash", which is only completed when every drop has been successfully splashed onto the floor, leaving the dish empty. If the champion "splasher" is emptying an outside water dish, he may also add a touch of mud to his nose to display his victory!
Bolognese are very intelligent, and will create their own games.  I offer many different "toys" to my puppies to help develop their play skills. Also, they experience negotiating stairs, jumping over obstacles, and romping in the grass.

Although extremely rare, the Bolognese Breed is rapidly gaining popularity among those toy dog fanciers who, in the past, have selected from breeds such as the   “Yorkie”, Havanese , Coton de Tulear and Bichon Frise.  The knowledge that the Bolognese   is disarmingly gentle and intuitive, plus the fact that Bolos experience exceptionally   good health, compared to many toy breeds, makes them an excellent choice for a small companion lap dog.

If you want a breed that has an ancient history, and has not been "created" in someone’s back yard in the last 10 years...Bolognese are perfect! You will see them included in Renaissance Art close beside their Noble owners.

A word of wisdom: because of their increasing popularity, the  Bolognese is one of the breeds being exploited by the puppy mills, both domestic, and abroad. There seems to be an influx of Bolo puppies coming from Hungary, esp., and are being brokered here in the US. These puppy venders have no emotional ties to the puppies they sell, besides, no matter what they tell you, it would be very difficult to make them accountable on any guarantee they may offer. Please be patient, and wait for a reputable US breeder to supply you a pup, or at least get a recommendation from a US breeder if you choose to buy abroad.

Last , but not least, NEVER BUY A PUPPY FROM A PET STORE!!!! These poor babies, and their moms usually come from US puppy mills, and are kept under the poorest conditions imaginable.  Let’s protect this exquisite, ancient breed of nobility past.

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